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Track Name: Sundae Skool
I'm tired of being pessimistic
Always leaning up against the wall
I tried to call you but you must've missed it
Is there a reason why you never call me back?
Well, I'm over it.
"I'm tired of being optimistic"
That's what you say but you don't ever try
You tried to call me, but I must've missed it
Yeah, there's a reason why I never called you back again
'Cause I'm over it
and whining about it won't make it any easier
I don't know your plans
But I'm not gonna waste my time on someone I don't care about
I get it, you got it
I got it, you get it
I got it that you get it but you never really got it at all
I sense that maybe we've been miscommunicating
And isn't it frustrating the way you won't stop complaining?
And if that's what you're saying
That you'd rather just keep playing all these games
Well, I'll just quit while I'm ahead
I'm tired and and I'm over it
You're mad 'cause I don't give a shit
About your problems anymore
You make them easy to ignore
Track Name: Turn The T.V. Off
I turn the TV on, it's all the same
And I think that I'm going insane
I turn it off and it's worse than before
And I think that I might be insane
It's the same, I can't really tell
If it's all the same, do you mean well?
I think you do but I can't tell for sure
Who you want me to be
Is it cool if I'm just being me?
Should I say fuck it or just fuck it up
and stop taking it seriously?
When will I stop reaching out for help?
'Cause these issue seems so trivial
But just as long as the situation's under control
Then I guess I'll just sit here until it blows over
Not that I would get up if something did change
But it's nice to pretend that I might act my age
Speak in overdramatics when lying in bed
Tell myself I'll be better as soon as I've read
All the books that you gave me
Did you think that they'd change?
Just sit down, you're fuckin' me up
I just wanna figure out where I'm at
Your apologies don't nullify the problem
Don't try to push me 'cause I'm not stepping back
Track Name: Long Walk
Reaching out for distant windows
Vacant voices
Different friends
There's so much I could have done
But I just slept it off instead
Moving forward toward the past
Cling to what you could have had
And by morning you'll be asking yourself what you should have said
Falling down the steps
Fucking up the last of what I had
I think I understand what it's like
To feel the absence of a friend
You seek solace in a bottle
Speak dramatics through your pen
Maybe tonight you can stay sober
But by morning, you'll forget
You left your car out in the driveway
You can't hate yourself that much
You said "honestly, I'm sorry
I just think I'm out of touch
Or maybe getting old
You know it's harder and I can't make up my mind
You know I do it all the time"
Watch my mouth slack your jaw
Yeah, I've heard it all before
I am ruthless with intent to leave you crying on your floor